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""Hello, I just want to say that i have purchased a set of m5001 from an audiogon member and I have some upgrades to the tube buffer. I am currently enjoying one of the best sounding hybrids that i have has in my system. In fact they performed so well with my current system, i decided to sell my Lamm M1.2 ref monos. The upgrades i made were replacing the sonicaps with euro oil caps, and roll the tubes over to CV4035/M8214 tubes. With these minor upgrades, these monos sing like no other amp I have ever own. Thank you for producing a class D hybrid that makes the reproduction of music the way it should be presented."


"Listening was initially with the stock JJ ECC803S/12AX7 tubes. Tonal balance was fairly good throughout the frequency spectrum, with a touch of leanness in the midrange and lower mid-range. This quality was evident with both M and D preamps, and all speaker models. Swapping the JJs with the Mullards or, Siemens produced a fuller midrange, and at times providing holographic vocals, especially with the D preamp. Instrumental timbres were good to very good (depending on the recording), sometimes giving an illusion of hearing real instruments being played. Overall, music produced by the ICEBlocks with the stock tubes sounded much like a hybrid amp, neither exactly neutral nor overly warm. After switching to the Siemens or GEs, the sound was slightly fuller, and the treble became smoother, yet still extended. Another switch, this time to the Mullards produced a warmer midrange and smoother but less extended treble. The Mullards made the ICEBlocks sound more like full tube amps. The Mullards also produced smooth and round musical notes. For those who want a more incisive sound, stick with either the JJs or the GE 6201s."
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Paul Mah

"After all, I was expecting great bass and plenty of treble extension, but would there be some midrange warmth? Bring on the Dixie Chicks singing the national anthem, Norah Jones live, Allison Kraus, Katie Melua….all serious challenges for the Class-D set. The “clinical” sound I had reacted against in the past was nearly gone – the fleshy midrange that was missing before was back! And what were the costs? Bass control? Tonal accuracy? Treble extension? Those tests required different music. Techno torture tracks, like Avratz from “Infected Mushroom” would reveal all! Bass control? Outstanding! Treble extension? Outstanding! Perhaps even more surprising was the apparent lack of downside. The tubes contributed some midrange warmth, but did not seem to loosen the bass, truncate the treble, or even add noise across the spectrum."
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Lorin Elias

"The way the units sound way above their price points (I was in the Audio business for the last 10 years, they are paired with cable and equipment worth a lot), congratulations."


"In this moment johnny cash is playing with the new sauce (tube buffer version) in the left channel and with the old one (standard ICEpower module) in the right... and my first impression is very positive: his voice is sweeter, but also higher in the space and moved forward...of course in the left I'm very impressed! for now I can only say thanks (again;-)"


"My ICE blocks arrived today. Straight out of the box they blow my (not so cheap) T+A A 1520s out of the water with their transparent, three dimensional sound. This is what I had hoped for after my experience with the sensation. I could not be happier."