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Piano wins StereoMojo Bargain CD Player of the Year!
We're vaklempt. Our little Piano has been discovered!. The Virtue ONE is no longer lonely on StereoMojo's list of best products of the year for 2009. Check it out!

March 25, 2010 The full StereoMojo Piano M1 review is out! Amazing!

    "The M1's midrange is so sweet and big and well here's that word again, TUBES. Tubes hwever, can sometimes give you a rolled off top end and bottom end as well. That is not the case with the Piano. The Piano's greatest stregth in plain English is that is does not sound like a digital player with the attendant gray, rather cool, steely presentation particularly in the midrange and and upper end. We call it "digititus". Often, when a digital source is also 100% solid state, the combination can be pretty unmusical. What I am trying to say without using a bunch of "audiophile speak" is that though the Virtue machine is both a solid state digital source, it does not suffer those maladies. It sounds much more analog with a midrange sweetness and fullness as well as a very robust bass that one might hear with an analog source; possibly a combination of a good tube preamp driving a high quality solid state power amplifier. In short, unusually musical at this or any price."

Marvin Bolden, StereoMojo

"When I first pulled the Piano out of the double box I knew that I was in for a treat. This thing is built like Walter Payton, it is a thick solid piece. I popped a CD in the machine it went straight to playing no boot delay (I read a review that there was a boot delay) It is hard to find a player that makes you sit back and say wow right out the box, but that is just what the Piano did. I put my reference disk on repeat and went away for the holiday weekend. My love affair for the Piano only deepened when I returned. This player knows how to capture the essence of the recording. Many CD players play well but few can capture the intimate details that this one can at any price. The midrange is just spot on and focused. My Computer audio system gives a wider sound stage but the Piano puts more focus on the music. Instead of a large concert hall you are live at Birdland. I loved how this player captures the highs, and accent instruments like cymbals, and bells, they are not just an after thought in the background of the recording but are imprinted in the music as the producer intended it to be. The Piano can extract the fine intimate details in the music you can only find in players that are equal in cost to a used Jetta. This is a world beater. It not only delivers all you can ask for in a player at this price point but it exceeds all your expectation it is a must buy for the audiophile elite and the budget minded connoisseur."

Mike, Nevada

"I've had a play with my Naimcd5i, Marantz6000 and a Mark Levinson Transport+DAC........Piano is the best match to the amplifier and is more clear in the bass tones than the Naim and gives a better expression of space in the highs than the ML."


"Most impressed with what I heard last evening, will improve further with more running in. I have owned several high end players and dacs, must say it performs well above its weight."


“I love the sound of it. The TDA1543 chip is my favourite of the DAC chips, and my modified DAC is based on it. Very smooth and natural sound.”


“Lovely bass and one of the better $1k and players out there.”


"I’m positively startled with what you and your team have accomplished! Had I known about this player last year, I could have saved more than just a few bucks.”


“The unit sounds great!”