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"I am listening to my system with that piece of junk of Astron PSU (cheap chasis, poor internals and and so on) but man does your Sensation make music when hooked to it.

Absolutely unbelievable. For me, this amp is perfect. It's such a joy to listen to. My greatest compliments ever to you and your team."


"A golf instructor once said if you like the way the club looks you will like the way it swings. Well, this rings true for the Sensation. I needed the piece to please the boss in the house my Wife, and please it did. Seth made the sides of the unit a Magenta. As a matter fact it is the same color as my wife’s purse. (How can she nag now) The first thing you notice about the player other than the pink sides is that this thing is like all Virtue Audio gear, it is built like an M1 Tank. It has a very European design to it, compact yet stout. This unit is dead quiet out of the box. It really steps out of the way of the music. You cant find transparency in an integrated Amplifier at this price point. The power in the amp section is full and endless, your ears will give out before this amp does. You would never guess that it is an integrated, Heck you would never guess that it didn't have tubes. After about 200 hours of burn in I can say that bass became tight and fast, it has turned my 15” Emerald Physics CS2.3 into 10” there is no over hang or bloat in the bass section. The sound stage has more focus and has laser precision, you can place instruments like they are performing for you. This is one of the warmest sounding integrated amps on the market, with plenty of power and rock solid construction and dont forget it looks pretty, What else do you need? As an audiophile broker I am always looking for that one product that I can put in a clients house that will take there system to the next level without having to cash in there Enron stock. Virtue Audio is that company, Everything they produce smashes the glass ceiling. I think Seth should just change the name to its performance Sensational."

Mike, Nevada

"I really love how that Sensation sounds. You have a product that stomps the competition."


"The M451 is breaking in as we speak, but even right out of the box, it was a mind blowing experience to listen to it! It cannot be compared to my old 1500 dollar integrated, it is so much better. Even though I have the "not so recommended" 24V/65W power supply that I have until I can afford a better one, it has a bigger soundstage, better bass, makes the speakers disappear in the room a lot better, pinpoints the voices and instruments perfectly and is a lot less fatuiging to listen to at higher sound levels. And it is not even broken in yet!

Did I say it is beautiful to look at?

I wish all hi-fi enthusiast would lend an ear to this piece of equipment, it is truly an outstanding value. I am trying to spread the word about this product to all my hi-fi interested friends.

Keep up the good work, you are bringing a lot of joy to a great many people! I wish all the best for your company. Chances are this won't be the last order from you:)"


"Seth... my Sensation M901 is burned in for about 250 hours at this point, and I've probably listened for well over a hundred hours, so I think I have a handle on it's sound and many virtues.

First, my office system includes the Sensation, a Wadia 170i IPod transport, various Ipods, an Audio-gd DAC-200, a Rega Jupiter CDP and Usher Be-718s. When I bought the Ushers I had an Onix Sp3 tube amp, completely retubed with vintage and NOS tubes. I felt the Ushers needed a little more power in my setup and I bought a Cambridge 840A, version 1. I was completely unhappy with the sound of the 840A - dry, flat and lifeless. I went back to the Onix, but kept my eye out for used equipment on Audiogon and other sites. After months of failing to see anything in my price range (about $1000) that I felt would be a significant upgrade from the Onix, (it does sound pretty good), I was ready to give up. I had been watching your efforts to bring the Sensation to market for more than a year, but I had decided to wait until you were ready to ship before I bought. When I saw you were ready to ship, I ordered mine. It arrived a week after being ordered.

My music tastes are pretty wide ranging - chamber music, traditional jazz, world music and tons of pop/rock. Much of my listening at work is, of necessity, at fairly low to moderate volumes, but I do listen at louder volumes after everyone else has left for the day. For me, the keys to an enjoyable listening experience are separation of instruments, a pleasing treble (glare drives me crazy), an engaging midrange and the ability to reproduce the human voice and stringed instruments (violin or guitar) in a life-like way, with realistic decay and nuance. I love to hear a realistic drum sound, too, with the ability to distinguish different drums and techniques. Deep bass and width/depth/height of sound stage are less important. The system has to be able to give me most of the musical detail at low volume, even if it loses some of the dynamics you hear at higher volume levels. While most of my downloads are 256 or higher, the system also has to be forgiving of less than perfect downloads and use warmth and musicality in these instances to make up for some loss of detail.

Can I just say the Sensation fulfills all of my requirements for an amplifier? It is equally at home with classical and contemporary music and produces a realistic soundscape at all volume levels. It is deeply resolving, but never at the cost of losing a sense of the musical whole. Glare and glassiness are nonexistent. Vocals are fully formed. Stringed instruments - cello, violin, guitar - have an in-room presence. Drumming is fun to hear - listen to any of the Jack Johnson or remastered Beatles album or the kettle drum on "Amy" from Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker album, and you'll hear what I mean. Plenty of snap, the ability to hear sticks on drumheads, even the rattling of the drum sidewalls. The amp is very forgiving of less-than-stellar recordings and squeezes out whatever detail and soundstage exists in them. Well-recorded pieces can be spooky, with lifelike detail and shifts in dynamics.

Over the years I've had lots of amps, beginning with the old Marantz 1060. In terms of today's dollar, I imagine that the Sensation is similar in price to what I paid for that Marantz in 1971. Like that old Marantz, I think the Sensation will be a classic, with styling that will never go out of fashion and sonic goodness way above its price point.

I can't imagine there's a better value out there than your amps."


“It is BEAUTIFUL! And when I hooked up the Sensation to my BE-718's, the sound really opened up. The soundstage got wider; improved details; it just blew me away.”


"The Sensation is the best Tripath based amplifier I have had the pleasure to listen to. IMHO it beats others on sound alone regardless of price... The Sensation possesses that Tripath warmness which makes the amplifier very non fatiguing to listen to... It provides excellent dynamic range with the Omegas. Soft passages do not lose any dynamic tension, and the transition from soft to loud is excellent in terms of the emotion it conveys. It is especially here where the Sensation surpasses others… Soundstage front to back is good… instruments are well placed and defined and posses weight and authority… The Sensation represents excellent value and produces exceptional sound as is. Given a superior high current power supply (which I intend to do) the Sensation will approach or exceed the superlative...."


“So I'm cooking Christmas dinner and have 1/2 an hour before checking the roast, so I decide to hook up the Antek power supply. High current (10 amp rating vs. the 130w psu's 3 ampere), and linear vs. switching, with a hefty torroidal transformer.

I start the player but someone is calling at the front door so I have to answer it while trying to listen for the first few notes to see if I hooked it up correctly and good thing my Blu-Ray player cues up slowly and then- Holy Smoke! The difference is gigantic! Bass rippling through our old house's wooden subfloor, new levels of clarity and detail, even at lowish volume levels. The decision to upgrade to the Antek power supply took all of 2 minutes to decide (Had to notify my wife, after all).

Just as the previous beta-tester commented, this transforms the Sensation. Beyond what I had expected.”