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"The Virtue Audio Nirvana speaker cable should be on everybody's audition list, regardless of budget. They sound that good and are my new reference speaker cable to beat. They're a great deal for those on a budget but might just surprise those would can afford far more. I'll be recommending these to friends and family for the foreseeable future. This is Maximum Mojo in spades. They're also pretty to look at or at least easy to ignore.

The Virtue Audio interconnects are also a great deal, besting the Audioquest Diamondbacks and trouncing the Bluejeans cables I have in house. Whether one might choose the Nordost Blue Heaven is still up for debate depending on system synergy. They operate at a similar level with the Virtue costing less than half as much. Will the Nirvana interconnects beat a set of $500 MIT cables? No, they won't but at $64 for a meter set, one could wire an entire system for far less than one set of MIT cables. Food for thought. I'm now using the Virtue Audio Nirvana interconnects as my reference as justifying a $500 cable to my wife is a fool's errand.

How about that old Speed Freak digital coax? These are a no-brainer over the Bluejeans cable I was using before. They won't match the far more expensive MIT digital interconnect but it comes down to price. Some may shell out some serious change for the MIT for that slight uptick. I know I will at some point The difference was very subtle unless I upclocked the transport from 44.1 to 88.2Khz. At $39, this cable is simply amazing."

Bill Schuchard, Stereo Mojo

"I received the cables today. The IC has gone in immediately between a Cambridge Audio 550C and an Audio Research SP14 with superb results.

Gone is the high frequency ringing on particular recordings, the soundstage has opened up and more importantly the violins are silky and the cellos are growling. I am very impressed!!! Your IC's are outstanding!!

The speaker cables will be installed in a couple of weeks when my amp returns from re tubing and biasing. (I am using a late model Harman Kardon receiver for amplification until my AR returns} I will definitely be looking for another set of your IC's when the amp returns and quite possibly another run of your Speaker Cable for bi wiring."


"Have to admit that I have been a little sceptical on the value of expensive speaker cables at thousands of $'s. Yours show they are not needed.

Even after just a few hours I am hearing a big improvement in all areas. The sound of the air in the church on Cowboy Junkies Trinity session is palpable. Margo's voice never sounded better. Diana Krall sounds like she is in the room.. Even Black Eyed Peas, tighter bass better imaging..

You saved my system, after ordering cables from you had considered selling my mid-fi stuff ($13,000 new) and drop back to entry level....... no way now."


"I received the cable and, for the first time ever in all of the wild items I have tried hoping they would be good, this cable definitely is good and a keeper. As soon as I get my new USB dac I may be back for 2 or 3 more. I just have to try this one in different places and make sure it works equally well all over."


"This (USB) cable is an outstanding candidate for video on demand movies (e.g. Netflix) into two channel systems. I ran the Virtue USB cable on two of my systems that have this video capability, and its audio performance in a video environment was very satisfying. Sound effects, voices, and music were entirely natural, detailed, and realistic within the movie environment. The Virtue USB cable never drew attention to itself in a negative way. If you have a computer-based video system, this is a no-brainer USB cable for that application. Go for it! Used within a two channel audio environment (music exclusively), the cable bests all of the lower priced USB audio cables I have in my collection acquired over the years for personal reference and for friends and family to try out. What this means is that every USB cable I have at $200 and under (new for 1.5 to 2.0 meter length) could not consistently best the Virtue USB cable. This includes some names that appear often in Audiogon chats in various contexts regarding discussions of USB cables and DACs. Only when the Virtue USB cable is compared to cables costing more than 5x the Virtue cable did I begin to notice significant differences that didnít entirely satisfy my ear in the three systems I own. I have to admit that even in that category ($300 and much more) significant differences exist among various high priced USB cables that are not entirely pleasing to my ear either and that selecting the USB cable for your system is entirely a matter of system dependence and personal preference. Do give the Virtue cable a listen. It's worth the time and effort. The price is clearly 'right.' You wonít regret it, and Jason is a great guy to do business with. Iím guessing that youíll be pleased if you are looking for a budget-priced, affordable USB cable that will exceed your wildest hopes in that category. In my opinion the price point for this cable could easily be double or triple what Virtue is asking: itís price to performance is that good. One final point: take the time to break the cable in: right out of the bag itís pretty good, but it will be much, much better after about 50 hours of break-in time. Do not doubt that USB cables need break-in: they do. Happy listening! "


"Are you kidding? way these interconnect cables can be this superb for this little money. They're shocking, stunning, amazing, unbelievable etc.etc. Just replaced my Harmonic Techs with these on my CDP and I have a new system. Slight mid treble edge is...gone...replaced by ...more!...resolution...the mids...more transparent and revealaing yet much more musical...bass has tightened up and the entire freq balance is now just right. Damn I never thought a cable could make such a striking difference...simply build...and... well ridiculously cheap for what they are and do...$3-500 is where they compete IMHO...maybe better. I want more."


"Jason is informative and responsive. Speedy service and delivery. Excellent quality cables."


"I couldn't be happier with my Virtue ICs. These cables perform well above their price point and actually look far more expensive. These cables have actually replaced my MIT's, which I didn't think was possible below $500-600! They also just happen to look expensive, so it's the best of both worlds."


"Love my virtue cables, both speaker and interconnect. Prefer to my other much more expensive cables. Everything sounds just right vs. my old cable acting as a tone control of sorts."


"I was using Verastarr Silver reference speaker cables and they were fantastic. But these Virtue Audio cables are better. Me and my wife were both surprised by how much they helped my mids and highs, all while making everything sound so much more real and detailed ! Going to sell my other cables now and buy more Virtue cables for my surrounds. Thanks again Jason for making my listening experience that much better!!!"


"These interconnects sound pretty good. I haven't listened to them much, but they are very listenable, sweet and airy, with wonderful ambience recovery. $50 a pair- pretty awesome."