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Speaker Cables

Pure copper, gold-plated spade connectors

Speaker cables arrive in this bag

Standard brass, spring-type banana plugs

Speaker cable cut-away

Virtue Audio is extending its commitments to quality, value, and service by offering custom cables when standard lengths don't work (ie. you want something REALLY long or short) or you want a special connector on the end. The Nirvana speaker cable is a very high-end, 8 conductor helix OFC design with world-class pedigree. We can terminate it with either pure copper spades or really nice spring-style banana plugs. These are the best parts we can find and we don't offer upgrades on them. For interconnect cables, we're using our awesome sounding 4 conductor, shielded OFC Nirvana interconnect. The white polyester braid and clear PVC outer jacket looks fantastic, as it does on its big brother. We terminate the interconnect differently for lengths greater than 10 feet, and it becomes directional. Jason Terpstra is our custom cable guru and he handles every order personally.

Please order custom cables from Jason directly at: (we're having a problem with the email alias!).

"The cables are constructed to an extraordinarily high standard. My wife always has ignored cables entirely and she called them "gorgeous." They do work beautifully with the Virtue Two amplifier... There are far more expensive cables (and amplifiers) out there but I am highly dubious that any are better. Well done!"

We can use custom connectors if you have a brand preference. Our own are darn good and we recommend them whole-heartedly.

Interconnect Cables

Finished interconnects

Standard termination

Interconnect cable cut-away