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We are starting a new customer photo gallery. If you love your Virtue amp and would like to post a photo of it in your system, please email us at "photos at". We'll post it here along with a caption you provide. No profanity please. "Frickin' awesome" has been ruled OK by our censors.

JohnFlorida, USA
John's Virtue TWO, Monitor Audio RS6 speakers, Oppo BDP-83 CD player,RS Audio Illume
"This is my music room with my Virtue TWO, Monitor Audio RS6 speakers, Oppo BDP-83 CD player,RS Audio Illume w/silver bullet terminals, Home made speaker cables and in a treated romm the sound is incredible." DavidChicago, USA
David's Virtue ONE, Duet, and Grant Fidelity DAC
"Here's my Squeezebox Duet and a tube buffer from Grant Fidelity -- after some experimenting with the Virtue, this has become my favorite budget audiophile ensemble."

Bruce Florida, USA
Bruce's Virtue ONE and Orb Mod2s
"I pulled the sub out of my bedroom setup to try with the Virtue... sounds great! It is currently in my office paired with Orb Mod2s and my iMac. The sub makes a huuuuge difference with the Orbs: they really need one to sound decent. Of course, the Virtue sounds so good, it is making me realize i should upgrade my speakers!"
Bruce is a professional photography. Please see his Virtue ONE gallery here.

Paul Texas, USA

"A detail of the components. "

"Virtue Audio TWO with 130w power supply replacing the fi 421A in my system. The black box to the right of the amp is a Placette Audio RVC passive preamp. My source is a stock Logitech Squeezebox 3 used as a wireless transport feeding an Audiosector NOS DAC built by Peter Daniel. The speakers are Cain & Cain Abbys ("near" version using the Fostex FF165K drivers). Great, detailed sound with tight bass."

"Decware CSP2 in place of the Placette; a much better pairing than I'd anticipated. All the detail of the TWO/Placette RVC combo, but with greatly improved tone."

Valere France

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Steve Scotland

"Big thumbs up to all at Virtue for making this little marvel!"

Don California, USA

"The Virtue Two replacing the fifty-one pound Outlaw 7100."

"The Virtue Two powering the av123 Strata Minis, a match made in heaven."