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Q: How long will it take to receive my unit overseas?

A: For international customers, DHL, Fedex, or USPS GXG requires 3-5 days. EMS takes twice that long typically. You can save a few bucks by using USPS priority mail. However, those few bucks will cost you an extra 2-4 weeks wait time and possible mishandling by post office workers. You get what you pay for with shipping.

Q: Where is my tracking number?

A: We get what we pay for with tracking. USPS gives us a tracking number that is good for one thing: delivery confirmation. If you want step-by-step tracking, you should upgrade your shipping to DHL (email us if the shipping option you want is not available).

Q: Can you ship internationally?

A: Yes

Q: How are customs and duties handled?

A: You are responsible for paying all customs, duties, and VAT taxes, upon receipt. We invoice at full value without exceptions.

Q: How do you quality check the units?

A: Before units leave the factory, every major sub-system is tested and each is burned in for 3 hours. Prior to shipping, Marcel and Sultana individually check every unit to see that the left, right, and subwoofer channels play music. Our attention to quality ensures that no unit arrives dead (DOA). If you have any issues whatsoever, upon receiving your unit, let us know and we'll take care of it.

Q: Especially on small items, I've seen lower shipping rates on Amazon and with other ecommerce vendors

A: Yes, our shipping rates are not as low as high-volume e-commerce vendors can provide. What you see on the site are actual rates that the shopping system generates based on the weight of the product, shipping route, and our account numbers. We didn't write the software and cannot change it. Our actual shipping costs are sometimes less than what is shown; sometimes more. As we grow, we will be eligible for greater shipping discounts.

Q: Our national postal service cannot be trusted with delivering goods. Will you replace non-delivered items?

A: We require delivery signatures in the USA to avoid loss (once a package was stolen from an apartment lobby), but what happens internationally is beyond our control and we cannot be responsible. If you are concerned about loss, please choose DHL, Fedex, or USPS Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) which is handled by Fedex overseas.

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Miscellaneous Reimbursement
Miscellaneous Reimbursement
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