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Sensation M451/M901 Virtue ONE.2/TWO.2
Virtue is delighted to offer the new ONE.2 "classic", ONE.2, TWO.2 and Sensation. These have been called some of the most musical solid-state amps ever built. They are 85% efficient and support high-current power supplies. They are simply Sensational.
T-Class Amps ONE.2 “classic” ONE.2 TWO.2 Sensation M451 Sensation M901
Availability Sold Out! Sold Out! Sold Out Sold Out! Sold Out!
Subwoofer output YES YES YES YES YES
Stereo pre-output -- -- -- YES YES
High-current PSU soft-start YES YES YES YES YES
Attenuator OEM Stepped Stepped Alps Alps
Inputs 1xRCA 1xRCA 1xRCA 3xRCA 3xRCA
Remote Control - - - YES YES
80hz High-pass jumper - YES YES YES YES
Propeller Posts Brass Brass T-Copper Brass T-Copper
Input Caps VirtuCaps VirtuCaps Auricaps* Sonicaps Auricaps
Max input voltage 30v 30v 30v 30v 30v
Max RMS Power @ 4 ohms** 87 wpc 87 wpc 87 wpc 87 wpc 87 wpc
PSU Included 1 x 24v / 65w 1 x 24v / 65w 1 x 24v / 65w 1 x 24v / 65w 1 x 24v / 65w

    Please note: if you are overseas, you will not get a power cord from the PSU to the wall. You will need to buy your own. Apologies but no discount is offered for this inconvenience.

    * The TWO.2 can be ordered with 2.2uF Auricaps (standard) or without them for $35 less. The high-pass caps are VirtuCaps on all units.
    ** Power is approximately half (44 wpc) into 8 ohms. With the 130w supply, you will achieve max output into 8 ohms.

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Sensation Deluxe Aluminum Billet Remote
Our Price: $99.00

Milled aluminum remote control.  Works with Sensation and Piano hardware.
Dodd Audio, Sensation M451/M901 Tube Buffer Upgrade
Our Price: $300.00

Please contact Dodd Audio Dodd Audio tube buffer upgrade for existing customers.
Virtue ONE.2 "Classic"
Our Price: $349.00
Sold Out!

Sold Out!

Virtue ONE "classic" reference grade integrated amplifier, improved!

Virtue ONE.2
Our Price: $399.00

Sold Out! Virtue ONE.2 reference grade integrated amplifier
Virtue TWO.2
Our Price: $449.00

Sold Out! Virtue TWO.2 reference grade integrated amplifier
Sensation M451
Our Price: $849.00
Sold out!

Sensation M451 reference-grade integrated amplifier.  Includes black plastic remote control.
Sensation M901
Our Price: $999.00
Sold out!

Sensation M901 reference-grade integrated amplifier