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Our Dream
We started Virtue in 2005 with the dream of bringing the sensory experience of the high-end audio to the masses. Apple had proven that customers would pay for quality and style; we would do the same. Instead of using plastic, we'd use aluminum. Instead of the cheapest parts, we'd use the best ones. We would pack our systems with as much spine-tingling excitement as we could reasonably afford and sell the most expensive gear direct, over the internet, to keep prices low. Moreover, we sought to create an ethical company, dedicated to virtuousity, both in sound and value. That is why we named the company: VIRTUE.

A fine audio system conveys not only aural pleasure, but the natural beauty and loving craftsmanship of a custom suit or timepiece. That's what we do. Bringing the sensory excitement of high-end audio to your home, at a price you can afford, is our driving passion.

Our Credo
Virtue is a principle-driven company. Here are some of the rules we live by:

1. Life is too short for bad audio. Make audio lovers audiophiles.
2. If it’s not overbuilt, it can be made better. Overbuild.
3. Provide a transporting sensory experience through sight, touch, and sound.
4. Make a product too attractive to be hidden in a cabinet.
5. Build it no bigger than it needs to be, but no smaller.
6. Make sure that ten is “loud enough” but go all the way to eleven regardless.
7. Provide a completely satisfying buying experience.
8. Live up to the Virtue name in every product and every way, every day.

Creating a satisfying buying experience means taking the guesswork out of buying a a great system. You won't find a lot of upgrade kits for our amps, because basically, they don't need them. Moreover, everything you buy from Virtue is backed by a 2 year parts and labor warranty as well as 30-day money-back guarantee. Please note that like most cost-competitive online sellers, we do not refund shipping charges. Feel the weight of the products when they arrive and assess the incredible quality. Forget about how little money you spent and then sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the music.

Our Industry Partners
Finally, Virtue would like to reach out to speaker builders everywhere. Let your voices be heard! If you see an opportunity to bundle Virtue amplifiers with your speakers or are interested in a compact OEM plate amplifier to make your birds sing, let us know.

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