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Welcome to Virtue Audio®! Through superior value and unmatched sonics, Virtue is encouraging music lovers everywhere to become audiophiles.

Nothing cools like great cables!

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Shipped $450 Virtue Cable Summer Lovin' Bonanza
(includes shipping in the USA)

$450 buys this $1,050 bundle shown above

1 pair 4M Quadraphonic fronts,
single 2M Quadraphonic center, pair of 8M Quadraphonic surrounds, 1M pair of Nirvana interconnects, 2M Speed Freak usb, 1M Speed Freak coax,
5M sub cable

Donny Venardos says "This is EPIC!"

Jason at (our domain name) builds everything from scratch. He is a craftsman. Support a brother and stock up now before he decides he changes his mind on this deal.

Everything you buy from Virtue is backed by a 2 year parts and labor warranty as well as 30-day money-back guarantee (see HELP for more details). So go ahead! Buy with confidence and don't be ashamed! We're all Audiophiles here.